Q:  Why does my Blue Amberol record not fit properly on my phonograph's mandrel?

A:   The Edison Blue Amberol records are composed of a blue celluloid recording surface surrounding a white (or blue) plaster
core.  Over time, if exposed to humidity, the plaster core absorbs the moisture and SWELLS and EXPANDS.  This can create edge
cracks, chipping, and other defects.  95% of the time, a record that fits only 3-4" on the phonograph's mandrel can be repaired to fit properly
using a tool called a RECORD REAMER.

What is a record reamer?  It is a hand held tapered shaft which matches the taper of a phonograph mandrel.  Mounted on the taper
are 3-4 strips of abrasive strips.   These can be obtained from Kurt Nauck Records, and PHONOPHAN.COM.  You essentially
insert the reamer int othe record, holding the record firmly in one hand, and using a twisting action you sand down the expanded plaster
until it fits the mandrel properly.  You will be removing expanded plaster, but at the same time retaining the tapered geometry of the record,
thus, not ruining the recording or the proper fitment.  It will take a few tried to get the hang of it, but be patient!  Patience leads to better