How to properly clean Edison Diamond Discs,  by Wyatt Markus

Edison Diamond Disc records are actually composed of a baked wood powder core, which is then laminated/coated
with a thin layer of hard condensite lac (the material that holds the physical image of the recording surface.)  
Although it
is acceptable to clean regular 78RPM records with soapy water and a cloth, for Edison Diamond Discs, this is
A BIG NO-NO.  The 1/4" thick records can actually absorb water through the spindle hole and edges, which will
make the records swell with moisture.

Under the assumption that your records are dusty, here is the proceedure I use:

1. With a fine bristle brush, lightly dust off any dirt or grit from the record surface
2. Wet a large cotton ball or tissue with denatured alcohol, and wipe the record clean in a circle action
starting from the center, and work your way out to the outer edge.    
3. Check the tissue/cotton ball to see how much residue you have removed from the record.  If dirty,
DO NOT RE-USE THE COTTON BALL/TISSUE!   Start the wiping proceedure with a new one.
4. Do not let residual alcohol sit on the records to air-dry.  Use a fresh tissue to gently wipe any remaining
alcohol off of the record.  At this point, I like to also wipe around the square edge of the record, to remove any
clingy dust or stains from handling

Insert record into clean paper sleeve,  and you're done!