Edison Phonograph Gallery!

Here is your chance to show off your machine, ephemera, and network with other like-minded
Edison Diamond Disc and Amberola owners!

Email me a nicely composed picture of your phonograph, and any information about yourself that you would like to share.
I will post it to this page for all to enjoy!  Email info to:  wyatt@edisondiamonddisc.com

Views around an Edison C-2 radio/phonograph combination
Edison P-1 Portable in pictures
Edison P-2 Portable in pictures

Mario Laurenti DAZZLES the audience of 6000 in an actual Edison Tone Test!

Collecting is, in many cases, the reflection of one's ability to see the beauty in something, hold it close to one's heart, and save it for
future enerations.  In this case, the beautifully designed Edison "suitcase" Home Model-A is the focus:

Not for young eyes, an artfully depicted woman atop a Laboratory Model Chippendale!

B.A. Rolfe and the "close-up" sound of an Edison Shubert

Gracing this room is my friend "Baby Vamp," AND her 1928 Edison C-2!  

That 20's style will never fade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

RARE Edison Advertising for the NTP (Needle Type Portable!)

Many high thank-yous to Alan Mueller for providing these two extraordinary scans:

1. B.A. Rolfe makes a visit to Levis Music in Rochester, NY!

2.  L'Edisonic!  A long play Edisonic Shubert, being offered overseas!