The multi-talented Vernon Dalhart.  Inimitable and without comparison.  Texas cowhand, star of opera, country music,
Fox Trot vocals.......he has done it all.  This is my favourite Dalhart picture, I hope you agree!

Violin virtuoso Albert Spaulding.  He is staring off in another direction.....much like I do when appreciating the perfect tonal qualities
of a well designed Diamond Disc phonograph!
Albert Spaulding

Helen Clark, a native of my home town (Rochester, NY), looking quite sharp next to a handsome Edison Disc phonograph
Helen Clark

Glen Ellison, kilt and all, performing at an Edison Tone test in Montreal
Glen Ellison

"Edison's favourite," Walter Scanlan (Walter Van Brunt) conducting a tone test.
Walter Van Brunt

Edison Diamond Discs sounded pretty good, and to prove it...................
Edison Diamond Points
My copy of April Showers:

Of special note is that this disc, #50875 displays the FIRST Diamond Disc
paper label style, making it a very uncommon oddity.  This label was used
from June 1921 until the end of 1922 as a transitional label from the early
etched recordings.