1890's Edison Standard TRADE MARK logo restoration - W. Markus

This particular Edison Standard is one of the earliest that I have ever had the pleasure of working on.  Serial number in the 200-block, making it
"week #1" material.  It is my suspicion that the early gold paint/coloring on the early stamps had gold content that oxidized (turns green),
and disintegrates, leaving a "shadow" of its former position in the shellac coated japanned black bedplate casting.  Here's the condition of the original plate:

As you see, the logo is GONE.

Using some gold paint, I applied hundreds of "dots" of paint with a small fiber, thus re-creating the original "stamped" look.
Additionally, the "valley" in the shellac helped limit the bleeding of the new gold paint.  After about 4 minutes, I tacked down
the fresh paint with textured paper to degloss it and matte it down.